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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why was the Knowledge Base broken out into "domains?" What is its significance?

The Knowledge Base was broken into categories that follow the general categorization of the material included in our CMT Exam. Where necessary, we will add to these categories as material is submitted to the Knowledge Base by our members.

2. What is the best way for me to access information from the Knowledge Base?

Many avenues are open to you, but we would suggest:

  • If you know the specific topic, try the search box. If it has been identified by a key word, you can go right to the resource.
  • If you know the general domain, hit the domain button and you will see categories of discussion that surround the domain. Review and then click on the sub-domain/resource that interests you.
  • If you just want to browse the Knowledge Base, we would urge you to look at the "Recent Updates to the Knowledge Base" section on the KB home page.

3. In viewing the Knowledge Base, I have noticed material that is not included in the section, but should be. What is the process to have that information included in the Knowledge Base?

At the top of every resource, there is a button for the submittal of additional relevant data. This material goes to an MTA Knowledge Base Editorial Board for review and consideration and, if viewed as helpful to the viewer, it will be added immediately.

4. Does everyone who enters the Knowledge Base have access to all information included there?

No. We have several levels of permissions to the Knowledge Base that depend on your affiliation with the MTA. The general public will have access to this site, but it will be limited. MTA Members/Affiliates will have more access to the Knowledge Base, and those in the CMT Program will have even more. Hopefully, as the Knowledge Base and the information in it builds, we will be able to distinguish these levels more clearly.

5. I would like to be an MTA Knowledge Base Editor. How do I go about the process of applying?

Your involvement in creating and building this Knowledge Base would be most appreciated, and if you are interested, please contact Tim Licitraand you will be considered for this Editorial Board.