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About the Knowledge Base (KB)

The MTA's Knowledge Base (KB) is our interactive, flexible and dynamic repository of key Technical Analysis (TA) information for the use of our constituencies (general public, MTA Members/Affiliates, CMT candidates, etc.).

We have populated this site with pertinent TA data gathered by our Association, and our partners, over the years. It is our hope that this repository will be the "first stop" for current TA information, maintained in one site for your use. Thanks to all who have assisted in this preliminary development and who continue their efforts to improve it over time.

It is our fervent hope that as you review material, that you may have additional materials (examples; website references; additional readings; etc.) that you would like to share. If so, an easy way to submit this data is included in each section, and your submissions will be promptly considered by our MTA Knowledge Base Editorial Board for inclusion.

Finally, we have established a "Blog" capacity so that our members can share issues, concerns and todays current thoughts around Technical Analysis topics with other professionals in a interactive environment.


The MTA Editorial Staff