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For Everything Technical Analysis...

The MTA Knowledge Base (KB) is our free repository of Technical Analysis information. The KB was designed around the MTA's Body of Knowledge and broken down into various 'domains,' each covering a key generalized topic. It is structured in such a way that those visiting a domain can gain a full understanding of that specific topic.

The large majority of information in our Technical Analysis Knowledge Base is open to the general public. We encourage all those interested in the subject to explore and broaden their understanding. Premium content is also available in the KB and is reserved for members and affiliates of the MTA.

For a quick look at the features and benefits of the MTA Knowledge Base, watch our short movie.

CMT Study Materials

CMT Sample Questions

Practice exams designed to aide your study preparation for each level of the CMT Program.
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Archived CMT Study Sessions
The archives of the former CMT Institute Preparation Courses that were previously offered by MTA.
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CMT Newsletter
The CMT Newsletter is a bi-weekly publication sent to all those enrolled in the CMT Program.
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Recent Updates to the Knowledge Base

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  6. “The Checklist Manifesto: Fidelity Technical Process” updated on June 19, 2015
  7. Mastering Market Risk (Video) updated on June 11, 2015
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  10. Active Money Management updated on June 10, 2015